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Date Sunday 22 November @ 10:00

Meeting Agenda To appoint Flag officers - Commodore, Vice Commodore and Treasurer.

The AGM was held on The 8th of November, there was a poor turnout of members. The meeting failed to elect members to three posts within the sailing club, those of Commodore, Vice Commodore and Treasurer. Our constitution states that without these posts filled, we are unable to function as a club and therefore we would have to dissolve and close the club. The committee of ten members is in place and has a wealth of experience, but we need three volunteers to fill the above posts.

What is their role?

The Commodore The Commodore is the figurehead of the sailing club, he or she can be have a hands on or delegatory approach. This is entirely up to the individual post holder.

The Vice Commodore The Vice Commodore is a deputy to the Commodore, normally focuses on sailing responsibilities and will usually take over as Commodore when he or she stands down.

The Treasurer The treasurer keeps the clubs accounts, paying the relevant bills and banking the subscriptions as required.

No experience of these roles is necessary as the committee has the required knowledge to guide you.

If you feel you could fulfil one of these roles, please email Eddie Morgan our outgoing Commodore, or discuss it with a committee member.

It is important that as many members as possible attend the meeting as this determine the future of our sailing Club.


Congratulations to Nick Dallimore

BBC Wales photos of the week with an Osprey in the foreground at Tata Sailing Club regatta.



The club is situated three miles south of Port Talbot, South Wales and was formerly known as the Corus Sailing Club, Margam.

The reservoir is over one mile long by approximately half a mile wide, where racing takes place every Sunday throughout the whole year (for those brave enough!) and also on Saturdays, Tuesday evenings and Wednesday evenings through the Spring and Summer months.

Please note that you DO NOT need to be employed by Tata Steel to become a member!!


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