Sailing Instructions

1. Rules
Racing will be governed by the ‘Rules’ defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing and these Instructions which change RRS 32, A2, A3 and Race Signal AP.

2. Notice of Competitors
Notices to competitors and any changes to these Instructions will be posted on the club website.

3. Briefing
Anyone wanting to have a race brief should contact the Race Officer.

4. Signals made ashore
Signals made ashore will be hoisted at the signal mast at the Race Control hut.
If ‘AP’ is displayed ashore, it will be removed (with sound signal) at least 10 minutes before the next warning signal. This changes Race Signal AP.

5 Schedule of races
The numbers of races in a series are approximations; they may be slightly less owing to open meetings which are yet to be finalised.If less than the qualifying numbers of races are sailed, then the number of races to qualify will be the total number of races sailed in that series.

6. Class Flags
6.1 The Class Flags used:
Flag G will be used for the General Handicap
Numeral ‘1’ will be used for the Solo class
Laser Class flag will be used for the Laser Class
6.2 Other flags can be used for other classes as appropriate. This will be highlighted by the OD at least 10 minutes before the start of the race

7. Racing area, course plan and marks
7.1 These will be shown on the board at the Race Control hut.
7.2 Boats will sail the course as shown on the course plan, and will be required to sail through the start/finish line at the end of every lap

8. The Start
The start line for a shore start will be shown by a transit from two masts on the shore, and an outer distance mark which may not be exactly in line with the transit. An inner distance mark may be laid, and in this case boats approaching the line to start shall pass between this mark and the outer distance mark

9. Change of leg of the course
This is not allowed in G/H racing

10. The Finish
10.1 Each boat will sail the defined number of laps or until flag ‘S’ is displayed, with class flag(s) if only selected class(es) are to finish. The leading boat of each class will then finish when next crossing the finishing line and other boats will finish thereafter. Any boat more than one lap behind a class leader may be finished on next crossing the finishing line, and given the position held at that time. This changes RRS 32 and A3
10.2 The finishing line will be between the mast at the OD hut and the finishing mark, or between a staff on a support boat displaying flag ‘S’ and the adjacent rounding mark.

11. Scoring
11.1 The events will be scored using RRS Appendix A apart from those detailed in the table in paragraph 5
11.2 These are changes to RRS A2.

12. Penalties
Penalties will apply in accordance with RRS 44.

13. Time Limit
13.1 It is intended to race for approximately 60 minutes. Failure to achieve this shall not be cause for redress.
13.2 Any boat not finishing within 20 minutes of the leading boat may be finished on the course by a support boat displaying flag W.
13.3 In the event of abandonment, places may be awarded from positions at the end of the previous completed lap

14. Protests
Protests shall be written on forms available at the Committee Room and needs to be delivered to the Race Officer within Protest Time which will begin as the last boat comes ashore at the end of each sailing session and end 30 minutes later